Etienne Marais

I find a lot of inspiration from seeing how other developers and designers work. Borrowing from the way they setup their environment gives an interesting flair to the way I work but also being able to tweak that makes me feel great. I am a Full-Stack web developer and this is what I use to build applications using Laravel/VueJS and Docker.

My Desk


I use PHPStorm as my main editor and I use Visual Studio Code as my secondary editor. For PHPStorm I use a tweaked version of the Zeus theme with Source code pro for powerline as the font and lots of line spacing:

font-size: 15
line-spacing: 1.9

I use Nightowl for my VSCode theme with the same font settings.

PHP Storm Image

Visual Studio Code Image



PHPStorm comes bundled with some fantastic plugins. Here is the list of custom ones I added for extended functionality:


Vue VSCode Extension pack


ZSH image

I use iTerm2 as my terminal. I use oh-my-zsh’s default command prompt combined with a custom version of the "Powerlevel9k" theme. I use Homebrew to manage all my commandline applications. I use Yarn as my global JavaScript package manager and Composer as my global PHP package manager.


I use Laravel Valet to configure my environment with the following versions:

  • Nginx (nginx/1.15.2)
  • PHP (7.2)
  • MySQL (5.7)
  • RabbitMQ (3.7.8)
  • Node (10.11)
  • NPM (6.4.1)
  • Mailcatcher


I run:


My desktop


I primarily use Slack in my browser.


I am a big fan of heavy progressive house/trance music when I code and I find mixes primarily on


  • Trello (Personal and Work tasks)
  • Google Inbox (Email and task manager)
  • SequelPro (Database Admin)
  • GSuite (Email, Storage, Calenders, Docs, Sheets, Presentations)
  • LastPass (Password manager)
  • (Sending weekly product and team updates)
  • Momentum dash (Clean browser starting page)
  • Shotsnap (Screenshot maker)