Hey I’m Nic, software developer by day and creator of by night.

I’m lucky enough to work from home and have a small space dedicated to being my office. The best feature of which is this windowsill where our cats like to sleep.

Cat sleeping on my windowsill

My desk is currently a boring one, but I love my Aeron chair and strongly believe it’s worth the investment. There’s also an Ergowork Height Adjustable standing desk in the post. Primary monitor is a Dell U2412M Ultrasharp, secondary is an LG 24GM77 144hz which is not so great for text but amazing for gaming.

Even though I’m an old man now my setup is still heavily inspired by my “minimalist gamer” sensibilities. I’ve found the Coolermaster CMStorm QuickFire Cherry MX Red Mechanical Keyboard and the Rival 100 a great combination of solid without being gaudy. I’ve never been a fan of backlit / LED products.

My temporary desk

I like to try and have my IDE and Terminal look as similar as possible. They both use a Solarized Light theme with the Anonymous Pro font. For code I use Microsoft’s VSCode and a relatively default zsh terminal.

VSCode with Solarized Light

Terminal with oh-my-zsg

I don’t use too many VSCode plugins of note, except maybe the Vim bindings and a bunch of PHP/JS/TS linters.

Empty home screen

My phone setup is also super-simple. I try avoid using it as much as possible other than occasionally checking on Instagram and listening to podcasts with a pair of AirPods and the Overcast app. I was really skeptical about the AirPods at first but they’re a really seamless experience and it feels so easy to just pop them in when I need them I listen to a lot more now than with “traditional” headphones.

I’m really happy with how simple my setup is at the moment, switching between Ubuntu and MacOS has been rather straightforward with most of the tools I use daily being either cross platform or just web based and going from zero to 1 on a new system is really quick with just a few Dropbox’d config files.